Raw vs Kibble- What Do Dogs Really Eat?


The worldwide dog food recall, which has impacted dog  guardians worldwide has many families asking just what their dogs should really eat.


The debate has reached far and wide with proponents of different dog diets claiming superiority for their chosen  dog food.


The Pet Food Institute set the bar for the debate by claiming that dog food is safe, in response to recent hearings in the U. S. Senate, aimed at determining the cause of commercial dog food contamination which has claimed the health and lives of thousands of dogs, due to acute kidney failure.


The consequences of feeding your dog commercial dog food manufactured by many companies has long been known to dog nutrition experts and savvy dog guardians everywhere.


The sad fact is that commercial dog food is frequently full of unhealthy fillers, by-products , toxins, chemicals, slaughterhouse  waste, and carginogenics. That this conglomeration of  unhealthy ingredients would be touted as safe and healthy points to the ultimate focus of many dog food companies.


Profit at any cost. After all, the dog food industry was born in postwar America in response to business needs to find a commercially profitable way to package and sell industrial waste in an unregulated market.


To get a clear picture of just what is in today’s commercial dog food visit


So with many dog guardians turning to other avenues for a solution, the question returns to which option is the best and most healthy for their dogs to eat?


Some of the most prestigious and respected veterinarians, and dog nutrition experts suggest that the most viable diet is a dog food diet that comprised of raw meat and vegetables.


Why ?


Sandra Bailey, in her book, “Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble” points out that heat used in the cooking and processing of commercial dog food destroys many of the vital nutrients necessary for a healthy dog to support her immune system.


By  giving your dog a raw food diet to eat she will  be receiving maximum levels of nutrients and the change will be noticeable in as little as a few days says the author.


The challenge of many dog guardians is how to make a transition from ripping open a bag of XXX  Dog Food and the preparation and serving of a nutritious and balanced raw  dog food diet.


Ms Bailey answers this concern by providing a solid variety of recipes, healthy food choices and guidance.


It should be an imperative for every dog guardian to give their dog food to eat, that will contribute to her health, happiness and longevity.


While the debate over what dogs really should eat is likely to continue, the evidence that a raw food diet is healthy for dogs is rather compelling.


When  the choice is between slaughterhouse waste that is killing dogs daily, and a natural, raw diet that you can easily prepare at home, the choice is clear.


Dogs like humans benefit from a healthy and natural diet. Physicians and veterinarians are in accorded on that point. 


When you make the choice between the kibble that your dog is currently eating and a natural raw diet, we think that Sandra Bailey’s book is well worth reading.


No matter your ultimate choice, you will be a better informed dog food consumer and your dog will be happier and healthier when you serve her a healthy and life extending natural diet that dogs can eat, and you can  be happy to give her.






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