Do You Support Puppy Protection & Safety

There is an issue on the horizon which is not new but has a
flaming fire that we believe must be kept alive. It has aspects
that are uncomfortable to talk about,so be forewarned.. we
shall raise this issue again and again until this cause
celebrates final victory.

That day will come when the misery and suffering experienced
by tormented dogs and puppies in torture chamber style
breeding cages is forever wiped out, wherever located.

My language is strong, but tempered only by consideration that
this is a public newsletter. If you have ever seen firsthand
the miserable, filthy, cramped cages that dogs spend their
entire lives in to satisfy the demand for new "purebred" and
"designer breed" puppies across the nation,you'd become ill.

I have..and I did..

These canine prisoners are never allowed to form bonds with
humans or dogs, never permitted to have their paws touch
ground or even to stretch their legs.

Tortured canine souls are locked up like convicted murderers
in 3rd world countries, some have even had a pipe shoved down
their throat to "debark" them and keep them quiet.

And the products of these hell holes, the puppies, are often
genetically predisposed to illness having had parents inbred
so many times out of indifference as to weaken their immune
systems beyond repair. The puppies leave these facilities
sickly, never to enjoy good health.

A few examples of common illnesses and problems of puppy mill
dogs are: malnourishment, skin and eye genetic disorders and
behavioral problems. (from lack of socialization)

Neither dogs nor puppies receive veterinary care. Their lives
consist of giving birth to one litter after another
until their bodies litrerally give out and they can no longer
produce endless litters annually.

Then they are discarded or killed and thrown in the dumpster.

The fate of the puppies shipped out is frequently no better.

A problem to care for, unhappy buyers often dump the poor
sickly pups born of this misery at dog pound execution
centers. Guess what happens there?

No compassionate society or soul can accept without action
the continued existence of these facilities.

Here's the problem....
There is a loophole in U.S. law with regard to federal
oversight of commercial dog breeders, aka puppy mills.

The loophole is that breeders who sell to puppy brokers and
pet stores must be licensed by the USDA, BUT those who sell
puppies directly to the public do not.

This has produced an unregulated industry where app. 1/3 of
the 9,000 pet stores in the United States may be buying their
puppies from puppy mill torture chambers.

A Ray of HOPE...
There is a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives, the
Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act, would, if
enacted, bring ALL commercial dog breeders in the U.S. under
federal oversight.

Breeders would have to be licensed and inspected if they
sell or offer to sell more than 50 dogs annually to the
public, including over the internet.

What else PUPS requires
In addition to becoming licensed and subject to inspection, the
PUPS legislation calls for allocating sufficient space for each
animal when they are kenneled and providing them with enough
daily exercise that "allows the dogs to reach a running
stride without the use of treadmills or similar devices."

Powerful Special Interests OPPOSE Protecting Dogs and Puppies

Opponents of PUPS complain that the USDA is inadequately staffed
to enforce the law. There are more than 3000 licensed dog breeders
in the U.S. and approximately 100 federal inspectors.

There may be thousands of currently exempt puppy mills added to
their responsibilities if the PUPS Act gets approved.

They have a point..but it's a charade to protect evil, plain
and simple.

Dogs and litters of puppies in non-regulated commercial breeding
facilities have suffered long enough. PUPS Act will change that
for the better.

We support it and ALL proposed state and Federal legislation
until the day comes that the last facility of misery and death
masking as a breeding kennel is shuttered and locked, never to
torture a puppy or dog again.

Next time you sit on the couch with your best frined, think
about the pups being tormented in puppy mills..then contact
your state representative, congressman and U.S. Senator..

Ask them what their position is on PUPS and similar
legislation. Tell them that your vote depends on their
support. Then send them a polite letter reiterating your

That'll catch their attention.

Write letters to your local news editors and television
stations.. GET INVOLVED... every day we sit by idly and do
nothing, another puppy cries out for help :(


PS- Learn more about the case against puppy mills and see a
video at:


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