Sleeping With Dogs DEADLY?

 Recent news reports have had some folks all flumuxed by a
study that said if you let Fido sleep with you there is a
good chance that you will subject yourself to all sorts of
bacteria and potential infirmities.

Here's the crux of the argument from a news story about that
study.. read it and then find out what I think-


"Sleeping with pets exposes owners to nasty diseases, paper says
By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times 2011

Think twice about cuddling your furry friends in bed;
otherwise, you could be exposed to a nasty disease. That's the
recommendation from a paper being published in next month's issue
of the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Pet ownership appears to have been on the rise in the U.S. over
the last few decades, surveys show. Of an estimated 60 million
pet dogs in the U.S., according to this study, an estimated 21%
to 33% sleep on or in their owners' beds - and of 75 million cats,
60% curl up with their owners.

Does this mean people are increasingly exposed to animal-borne
diseases? Bruno Chomel of UC Davis and Ben Sun of the
California Department of Public Health decided to find out.
They surveyed the scientific literature and found examples
of owners who contracted rare, unpleasant illnesses after
kissing, sleeping in the same bed with, or being licked by
their pets.

Among them: chagas disease, staphylococcus infections,
parasites, meningitis and even bubonic plague. Yes, that
bubonic plague.

That said, a good number of the cases they survey are from
several decades ago; the seven-victim plague outbreak in New
Mexico happened in 1974. An example of a meningitis infection
they cite comes from 1985.

Nonetheless, the authors write: "Our review suggests that
persons, especially young children or immunocompromised persons,
should be discouraged from sharing their bed with their pets or
regularly kissing their pets." Especially if they're not an
indoors kind of creature." end


Wow !..the bubonic plague..this is just awful!...I better deport
our little guys to the anterooms so that the meat wagon will not
have to be soon knocking at our door to cart our sorry carcasses

Maybe not... there are conflicting reports that seem to me to be
much more reasonable and not so extreme in the findings that
indicate the exact opposite.

In fact some find their health and psyche improves by sleeping
with Fido..or little Peety, the focus of this video. Every dog
I have ever lived with has slept right next to me. Through
good times and bad, the psychological comfort and companionship
has been of a value I could never mention.

And when I have been sick with chills my dog has stayed with
me, helping to warm me during a time of day she would generally
be more interested watching the world go by from her window
bench in my office.

See the video for yourself at:

Thanks to Dr Andrew Jones for sending me that video..and by the
way, he agrees with me, ( or I agree with him:)
Here's what he has to say.

"There are OVER 150 million dogs and cats in Canada and the
United States

I suspect nearly 75 million of those SLEEP on some bodies bed.


And that with ALL of those 75 million supposedly potentially
disease causing pets, there are a FRACTION of a %, such as
.01% that actually cause ANY type of disease.

You have a MUCH HIGHER chance of being struck by lightning.

I would go on to make the point that our pets, our dogs...
that SLEEP in our bed, give us HUGE emotional support and
connection... By doing so give us HUGE health benefits.

Our pets are KEEPING us healthy, and PREVENTING and in some
cases even TREATING diseases in the first place.

Can you get sick from a pet?


The chances of this happening?

Virtually NON existent.

The Benefits of Pet Ownership


My 'non licenced' Veterinary Advice:

Keep on sleeping with your pets.

Let your children sleep with your pets."
end by,Dr Andrew Jones

Dogs aren't merchandise from the mall. Like us, they are
sensory beings. They need to be touched and loved... And we
need them to return the same in kind to us.

So the battle rages on..I think it depends a great deal on
your perspective of pets and dogs. Who is Fido or Petey to
you and your family?

A dog that is just a pet may be easily dismissed from your

But a family member will always be welcome.

Our 'guys" will always sleep with me and my wife...if we
catch the bubonic palgue, you'll be the first to know:)


Learn how to keep your dog healthy at home and stop paying
explosive and unnecessary veterinary bills by visiting:

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