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  • Dogs 4 Life, every dog's home on the net for dog adoption, dog rescue, your dog's nutrition and food, your dogs health, behavior issues in dogs and keeping dogs healthy.
  • In May of 2003 Bri suddenly took ill...3 veterinarians and several thousands of dollars later in hospital charges, lab fees and meds, the vets were stumped
  • O.K.- you decided to get a dog but which one, what kind and where do you go to get one? Let's examine a few things that might just help you find your perfect dog.
  • There are special considerations when making a decision to bring home an abused dog.
  • Senior dogs are waiting for new homes
  • Many folks would love to adopt a favorite breed of dog. A dog breed rescue can help.
  • the most rewarding experience that you ever have is the company of a handicapped dog.
  • Now that you have a dog the most immediate concern will be to decide what to feed your new pal so he can be a healthy dog.
  • information about various dog care organizations.
  • Stray dog's prayer
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  • There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
  • I read Dog Food Secrets to see if Andrew Lewis would shed any light on what's in commercial dog food. As an ardent dog lover I was floored by what I read.
  • As a long time advocate of natural and healthy dog care alternatives I was interested in the title of this book, The Healthy Wholistic Dog. When I learned that the author would be speaking at a Barnes and Noble in my town I jumped in the car to hear first hand what he had to say.
  • real-dogs-don't-eat-kibble.html
  • rescue dogs - There are as many reasons that dog may be at a rescue as there are reasons for wanting a dog.
  • There are many wonderful reasons to adopt a dog from a dog shelter or dog rescue. Whatever you are looking for in a new dog is waiting for you at a dog shelter or dog rescue today.
  • Learn how to choose the best dog for your family. If you are thinking about bringing a new dog home you need to make sure that you choose the right dog for your family
  • The history of dog adoption, the ASPCA , why anyone would abandon their dog today? For those of us who find all this dog abuse abhorent, there are ways to help.
  • 7 Must Haves When Bringing A New Dog Home
  • Adopt or rescue the perfect dog or puppy with help from these dog adoption videos
  • Is your local dog shelter a haven for abandoned and lost dogs? If not here's what you can do to improve conditions at the dog pound
  • Puppy mills are the most deplorable of puppy breeding operations. Adopt a puppy. Ask your legislators to outlaw puppy mills.
  • One of the most important decisions you will need to make to keep your dog healthy and happy will be the selection of a veterinarian, and you'll want to choose the best veterinarian you can find.
  • dog health insurance is needed because many dog lovers simply don't have the funds to pay for veterinary care, many a serious illness is left untreated.
  • QuickCare Pet Insurance eliminates the financial stress of providing unexpected medical attention. If your pet is ill or has an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is money.
  • Many commercial dog food brands are made of industrial garbage and toxins, that is commercial dog food which may in fact kill.
  • If the current dog food recall has you scurrying about for a healthy and safe dog food for your pooch, look no more...
  • Is homemade dog food is dangerous or a safe and nutritious alternative to commercial dog food.
  • canine Longevity involves every aspect of a dogs health. It's customary definition is term denoting the length or duration of the life of an animal or plant, often used to indicate an unusually long life.
  • Dogs 4 Life Universiity is about Living with dogs, a wonderful journey of love and companionship.
  • articles by Dogs-4Life on a variety of topics such as dog adoption, dog rescue, puppy mills, dog abuse, dog nutrition, dog health and more
  • Federal Law May Protect Stolen Dogs. The PET SAFETY and PROTECTION ACT would rescue family dogs from research lab torture, but no reprieve for dogs in pounds
  • Katrina dog awaits court decision to learn his fate. Katrina dog subject of custody battle in court inclusing a demand for money to be returned to rightful dog guardian
  • katrina-rescue-dog-wins-case.html
  • Rescue Your Dog from Dog Food Recall. Menu Foods announced the recall of dozens of brands of dog food due to concern for renal health of dogs after eating the dog food.
  • Reward offered in case of a slaughtered dog that had been boiled alive in oil or water then skinned.
  • The “ingredient” which proved to be a killer in the recalled dog food manufactured by Menu Foods was aminopterin, a cancer drug that once was used to induce abortions and is still used to poison and kill rats.
  • More than 470 pets have suffered from kidney or renal failure since the nationwide dog food recall began.
  • Government tests have uncovered a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics in the recalled dog food.
  • As the nationwide recall of contaminated dog food widens, the Nestle Purina Pet Care Company haa recalled some of its Alpo dog food. Hills Science Diet is now recalling pet food. 8000 complaints have been recorded.
  • the commercial dog food recall which commenced with products manufactured by Menu Foods is exploding in its tragic consequences. 1,511 reported dog deaths have been logged as a result of dogs eating tainted commercial dog food.
  • Sen. Dick Durbin has now called for Senate hearings on Pet Food Regulations. The hearings will address Pet Food Labeling
  • Some stores continue to sell contaminated posion dog food from their shelves.
  • The dog food industry claims vets say dogs are healthier due to commercial dog food.
  • some helpful articles on giving your pet the best care possible

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