Shelter Dogs

Shelter dogs, like their furry friends at your local dog rescue, are the best type of dog that any single or family could ever find. Loving to a fault,  I believe that they know they have been saved from a place that has smells and cries of fear and abandonment.

No matter how good any shelter is, it is still a place that wonderful companions have been abandoned or

brought in as strays, lost and frequently forgotten.

Here’s a few good reasons to adopt a  dog from a shelter

  • Cost-. Adoption fees are far less than a pet store or breeder’s price. And in many shelters, that fee also includes training materials, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery (if the animal has not already been neutered) and follow-up veterinary care.
  • Health Screening- The pets available for adoption at most shelters have already been screened for major health and behavior problems. This is not the case at many per stores
  •  Adoption counselors.suggest the best pets for you and your family.

Ask questions

How did they come to be at the shelter? Any medical conditions? Are they sassy, sweet, high-energy, low key, etc.? Ask the staff to let you spend time with them (one at a time, of course) out of the cage in a quiet area.

Once you’ve done the initial screening and have found your potential perfect companion, make an appointment for the whole family to meet him or her. It’s important that everyone feels involved in the decision-making process. And if you’re adopting a second dog, some rescue groups may recommend a supervised meeting with your resident canine.

Many shelters offer post-adoptive support programs, such as behavior consultations, basic training classes and follow-up veterinary visits. Remember, the shelter staff wants your new family member to fit in just as much as you do!

In all the world there is no better companion than a pre-owned dog.


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