Outlaw Puppy Mills

Adopt a Dog and Save a Life !

When your family makes the decision to bring a new dog or puppy into your home, you’ll want to get started looking for your new dog right away.


But, where’s the best place to find your perfect new puppy or dog? Some common places that you may start looking are in newspapers, pet shops and backyard breeders.


Is your child reaady for the responsibility of a new dog? Find out by Clicking Here


Pet shops have clean pens full of happy yipping puppies just waiting for your heart to melt and your wallet to open.


Classified ads and backyard breeders promise cute and adorable little pups, purebred perhaps, that can be on their way home with you for a fraction of the price of a pet store pup.


The sad reality is that all of the above are frequently abusers of both pups and dogs, operating in the murky world known as puppy mill hell.


Puppy mills are the most deplorable of puppy breeding operations. Puppies and mothers live in cramped and filthy cages and pens with little or no clean water and insufficient food. The cages and pens offer little protection for harsh cold, intense heat, rain, snow or wind. 



 Watch this UNDERCOVER Investigation by PETA


(Note:  We are not members of PETA, disagree with some of their policies, actions, methods and positions BUT  we stand with them in absolute condemnatio of ALL puppy mills.)


Here's a recent puppy mill investigation video from the Humane Society



See MORE Real Life Videos Exposing Puppy Mills


Pups and their mothers have little human contact and therefore are not socialized or ready for the new home they are sold to.



Little or no veterinary care is provided. It’s just too expensive to bother. If something happens to pup or mom, they are discarded in the trash and replaced …easy to do when you have no conscience.



Puppies born in puppy mills are frequently the product of inbreeding, which causes health problems shortly after purchase in many cases.



Finally, the horrible reality for the mother’s of these pups is even worse. Forced to live her entire life in a cramped, filthy cage, hungering for food and love, she is often killed once her frail body can no longer produce a litter



There are thousands of breeders nationwide that fall into this category. Many of them are in direct violation of a federal law known as the Animal Welfare Act. But the USDA has insufficient resources to enforce the law and catch the violators.



So it’s up to you. The best way to stop the activity of these peddlers of puppy flesh is to:


Adopt a dog or puppy from a dog shelter, or dog rescue. Millions of wonderful pups and dogs are euthanized every year simply because they’re is no room for them at the shelter.


All of our dogs are shelter dogs and rescue dogs and you will see them on the pages of this site. No better pal could be found anywhere at any price. Give these dogs a chance and save a life



Write to your local and national legislators and leaders expressing your concern about the treatment of dogs and puppies in puppy mills, the related health problems that filthy breeding conditions produce, and the fraud that is perpetrated on unsuspecting consumers and their families. Ask them to sponsor legislation to outlaw puppy mills.



Not to mention the heartbreak of bringing home and becoming attached to a puppy whose lifespan may be seriously shorter than normal because of the intentional genetic disorder provided by the breeder.


I purposely call this an intentional generic disorder. Puppy mill operators know the consequence of inbreeding. It does not take rocket science to figure it out.



The bottom line is they only care about the bottom line. They care nothing about you, the puppy or the brood bitch. And neither does the pet store or any vendor of pups from such a deplorable place.




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