Stop killing dogs and puppies in dog "shelters"

More than 4 million pets are killed and tossed into trash cans by "animal shelters" annually in the United Sates. Studies have determined that approximately five hundred thousand such executions occur in California alone every year.

Once dumped in the garbage their next trip may be to a rendering facility to be ground up for use in commercial dog food.

Contrary to what many people think, these so called dog shelters provide little more protection than a concentration camp where dogs are given a filthy place to sit, inadequate food and water, little or no veterinary care and simply wait for the moment when they will experience a rope around their neck and are dragged to an execution room.

In these death chambers some frightened dogs and puppies are injected with Phenobarbital, others are thrown into gas chambers where they fight for life until life leaves their helpless bodies. If you think we are kidding then visit the No Kill Advocacy Center, click through the tour images and watch a dog being killed. Be warned, it is one of the most horrible videos you will ever see

When owners surrender their dog to a dog pound they often have the misguided belief that the facility will find the dog a home. When stray or pregnant dogs are picked up many believe the shelter will care for mother and litter and help them to a new life.

If this video doesn't get you, nothing will..the spelling isn't great but the message is compelling.

Not so. Many dog prisons simply kill surrendered dogs, pregnant dogs, their unborn, and puppies as quickly as they can. How's that for a humane solution? Do you think the puppies enjoy the loving touch of the person who injects them with poisons to kill them?

If you find this too graphic, then we are making our point. Imagine the fear, terror and pain that the poor dogs and puppies experience. In Mexico, a favored form of dog execution is to electrocute them. It's fast and cheap. Thankfully, Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, who we have met, is actively supporting efforts to end this horrific practice in the nation of his birth with his time and financial help.

The time to stop this inhumane treatment has long passed. Some shelters such as the one near our home in California are now "no kill shelters" and actively work to place dogs in forever adoptive homes. A no-kill shelter does not put an adoptable dog to sleep.

But the number of kill shelters far outnumber those that have seen the light. A lack of education and a public that has a blind eye or is unwilling to face reality has promulgated the practice of canine execution.

It bears repeating that, adding insult to disgrace is the practice of rendering executed dogs, complete with the death chemicals that ended their lives, into a protein source for commercial dog food.

What You Can Do?

If you are as appalled and disgusted with the practice of wantonly killing dogs and puppies in America's dog pounds of death, then it's time to get involved.

1) Join the campaign against puppy mills. Puppies bought at pet stores are often unhealthy and the first to be dumped at doggy concentration camps to be killed there

2) Support Spay and Neuter efforts

3) Adopt or Rescue your next dog and every dog you bring home

4) Demand that dog pounds completely implement the protocol of the No Kill Equation

5) Lobby your legislators for passage of the The Companion Animal Protection Act if not already existing law in your state

6) Volunteer at a dog rescue or dog pound to help find homes for dogs and puppies

7) Report humane violations to local authorities and your local media

We are part of the fight. We love dogs and will forever be advocates of their humane and just treatment locally and everywhere . Join us. Your heart, spirit, God and the lives of the dogs you help save will thank you.


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