Look for Cancer to EXTEND Fido's Life

If you are a regular at our site you know that we have battled diagnosis of cancer with our dog and our friends dogs.

In each case we were happy to report a level of success in reversing
or chasing the cancer into remission by incorprating holistic protocols
that would not further suppress the dog's immune system while
purportedly fighting the cancer.

Whether you opt for the route that we have subscribed to or
conventional veterinary and oncology care care including chemotherapy,
the most important cancer fighting regime that is at your disposal
is your sense of awareness.

By keeping an eye out for any possible signs of cancer, Fido
will have the best chance to beat this horrid disease and live a longer
life. The key is to spot the warning signs early and take action by
visiting the health care practitioner of your choice.

In reading an email I received from Dr Andrew Jones, I thought
that his cancer spotting tips were something that each of us should know
and keep handy for the health of our best friends ..and so I am
reprinting a portion below

Here it is

"Cancer Rates in Dogs...

Statistics show that 1 in every 3 dogs, and 1 in every 4 cats will
get Cancer at some point. Cancer is THE number one killer of dogs.

Unfortunately 50% of pets that get cancer will die from the disease.

What to WATCH for..

I strongly urge you to do a basic at Home Pet health exam on your pets
once a week. It's ALWAYS better to catch it early.

Here are some of the more common signs:
1. Abnormal FIRM swellings that stay and continue to grow
2. Sores that DO NOT heal- they continue to weep
3. Distended abdomen ( stomach)
4. Unexplained We*ight Loss5. Loss of Appetite
6. Foul smelling oral odor/difficulty swallowing/drooling
7. Enlarged Lymph nodes
8. Chronic vomiting/diarrhea
9. Unexplained discharge/bleeding
10.Chronic cough/respiratory difficulty
11.Reluctance to exercise/weakness
12.Chronic progressive lameness
13 Difficulty urinating/defecating

If you dog or cat has any of these signs,do your own exam, and then
have your Veterinarian perform a full physical exam.

Then IF your pet is to be diagnosed with cancer, ensure that you are
aware of ALL of the alternatives-NOT just the conventional options.

Here are a few of the alternatives....

These are compounds in a class of their own. They compose the thousands
of structures that give the bright color to fruits and vegetables.
They are antioxidants as well as having anti-cancer properties.
These include flavones,(apigenin), isoflavones (genistein), and
flavanols (quercetin).

Purchase a mixed bioflavonoid product that contains polyphenols,
particularly EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate), which is the specific
flavonoid isolated from green tea. The dose for a 10 lb dog or cat is
250 mg daily.


Omega 3 fatty acids are great anti-inflammatories and have been shown
to prevent the spread of cancer. Flax is the best source for dogs: the
dose is 1 tsp per cup of dog food.

VITAMIN A. This has cytotoxic effects (cancer-cell killing) at high
doses. The dose is 400 IU per lb of body weight daily.

ARGININE. This amino acid appears to enhance immune function and may
inhibit the growth of some tumors. The dose is 250 mg per 10 lbs of
body weight daily.

GLUTAMINE. This amino acid may be helpful in inhibiting tumor growth
as well as in dealing with some of the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

The dose is 500 mg per 10 lbs of body weight daily.

I have had many a client tell me about successfully using Colloidal
Silver to heal their pets wounds, along with cancers. It is a liquid
suspension of minute particles of silver. You can get it at natural
health food stores and pharmacies. The dose is ½ teaspoon per 10 lbs
twice daily.

...You really never know WHAT will happen- so enjoy your pet now,
and appreciate them today. IF you don't have the time - then change
something to get the time. How often do you hear someone say on
their death bed? " I wished I worked more.." ..NEVER SO appreciate
what you have now."

We have used other protocols as well ...the key is to know your options
and be prepared... Knowledge is power and a well informed dog guardian
will be ready to ask the right questiins and make the best decisions
to help their best friend live a long and healthy life.

That's all for today..why not follow Dr Jones' advice and enjoy your
dog today? A walk or visit to the dog park is a healthy way to spend
the day no matter where you live, if the weather permits.

till next time:)

MR Bruno
Adopt a Dog- Save a Life

PS- Learn more about DR JONES' APPROACH to keeping your dog healthy
at home and stop paying explosive and unnecessary veterinary bills by

Disclosure- If you purchase this product or service, we will
be compensated. Do your own due diligence


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