Is it Euthanasia or Murder?

The debate over end of life procedures has engaged the hearts and minds of philosophers, legislators, medical doctors,scientists, theologians and lay thinkers since the advent of civilization.

A medical doctor, Jack Kevorkian (remember him?) served time in prison for providing the 'medical service' of 'patient assisted suicides for the terminally ill who wanted to end their suffering.

He would set up an IV drip system that would stop the heart as I recall, counsel the patient and leave it up to them to start the fatal drip or direct that it be started if they were non ambulatory.

A doctor is sworn by his oath to 'do no harm'... The law does NOT see assisted euthanasia of people as permissible...the decision to take YOUR OWN life is against the law and both patient and Jack were committing felonies.

WHY is it illegal to take your own life?

Simple, we VALUE life at all levels..I won't delve deeper here. The abyss is too deep to explore in our little newsletter.

But with Fido the case is different. BY law, your best friend is often considered a chattel, or personal property, not deserving protection because his life is NOT valued.

In the case of dogs, euthanasia has been used for a variety of reasons including population control, to end suffering when dogs are aged or infirm, and as a form of execution for dogs deemed by dog pounds as aggressive (frequently incorrectly) and dangerous to name a few.

It is also called "putting down, and putting to sleep" to make the procedure more palatable to society.

Unlike the human patiients of Dr. Kevorkian fame, dogs don't have a voice in their death. The decsision to end their life is typically made by an owner or dog pound employee.

In many cases vets will recommend euthanasia for dogs who are
very ill or aggressive as well. Most of these vets have
little or no behavioral training.

In a recent article by an investigative reporter the case for
euthanasia was addressed and dissected.

This topic is important so today we limited excerpting.. I present the reporter's thoughts in close to full bloom.
Here's the article:

"Euthanasia is 'Unethical' for Dogs or Cats, as a Socialized Health Care Solution,

By Dean A. Ayers Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Decades past I would have said euthanasia was ethical for dogs that could NOT be saved. After all, who wants to watch a dog suffer?

None of us do, and so we take our younger and older pets to a doctor who shaves their leg, inserts an IV and injects poison in a shot injection, or worse, in secret, they hold the dog down and stab a long needle into the dog's heart while the dog
is yelping in severe pain and trauma from the heart injection pain of the euthanasia death.

With a clearer understanding of the procedure, and after many debates over canine euthanasia,assisted-suicide (euthanasia of people), I have changed my mind.

I believe euthanasia of dogs, let alone humans, has led us to
"de-value" life at all levels and for all species.

Some dog guardians and others share a mind-set that says it's OK to put a beloved dog out of his misery, but based upon a fraudulent excuse that it's going to be done, in the name of humanity. I really feel that euthanasia of pets and animals is wrong. Period!

Human life is not the same thing as animal life. Humans are made in God's image, and they have a soul, a spirit, a value that cannot be measured..Our pets and animals are God given, and have an eternal Spirit to live, as well....

Allowing someone or some pet, to die because they choose it is not the same as helping take that life. God allows pets to give up their ghost of spirit, when the time comes. The same as human spirits, as well. This right of life to the end of a
natural death from old age also is a Right, that goes for the extended family,and that of their pets, dogs, cats, and other animals as well.

Pet Euthanasia - murder, and it is not ethical in any sense of the word. Just because life is hard for humans, and for the pets, doesn't mean we have the right to leave this earthly world any time we want to, or worse, to choose when
someone else (human or... dog) leaves this world. Man does not have the God given authority to play God, and kill - even their pets and animals.

Anyone can find an excuse to murder in the name of a "humane" cause or manner. Even with an old dog that is a member of the family. This does not justify the action as moral, legal or right.

The deliberate taking of a life, in any family, an extended member of the family, or to include the family dog's life equals murder,plain and simple, and as such it should not find its way into legal criminal debate because it shouldn't occur to anyone. The laws have become "perverted."

The taking of a pet's life via euthanasia is unethical....This country has a Right to freedom ...(but) The Law can unethically over-ride (it) if...People do not stand up
for... Rights.....

A Dog's life has "Intrinsic Value''
Finding that a dog "is somewhere between a person and personal property," a New York trial court said a pet owner whose dog died following unauthorized surgery may seek damages beyond the purchase price of the animal, there for a dog's life has intrinsic value."

In 1989, Herbert Erwin took his five-year-old registered mastiff to the Animal Medical Center in the Bronx for treatment of an infected callus on the dog" leg. The veterinarian told Erwin the callus could be surgically removed or it could be treated by draining it. Erwin opted for the latter, explicitly rejecting surgical treatment, according to court documents.

Erwin left his dog with the veterinarian for treatment. Instead of draining the sore, the veterinarian anesthetized the dog and surgically removed the callus. The dog died the next day due to complications from the anesthesia.

The dog owner asked another veterinarian in the office to perform an autopsy, and he asked that the dog's body be retained so he could collect it. No autopsy was performed, however, and the body had been disposed of by the time Erwin came to pick it up.

Erwin sued the veterinary practice for negligence, breach of warranty, and loss of companionship. He also sought emotional distress damages since the veterinarian failed to perform the autopsy and disposed of the body despite his wishes. (Erwin v. Animal Medical Center, No. 2603/95B (N.Y. Civ. Ct. Aug. 21, 1996).)

Bronx County Civil Judge Karen Smith threw out all but the negligence claims. No trial date was set to resolve them.

Smith ruled that New York's warranty statute applies to "goods," not rendered services and that loss of companionship and emotional distress damages cannot be claimed for the loss of personal property, which a dog is considered under New York law.

On the negligence claims, the defendant argued that, if damages are awarded, they must be limited to the fair market value of the dog. The court disagreed, citing previous cases where a pet's "intrinsic value" may be considered.

Smith, referring to still other cases, said a jury may also consider the dog's age, health, breed, training, usefulness, and any special traits of value, such as its guarding ability, when setting damages. "Depreciation," however, cannot be
considered because "a good dog's value increases rather than fails with age and training," the court held.

Euthanasia of Humans and Animals a Hot-button topic Unfortunately, we live in a world where this debate has become ahot-button topic, debated endlessly among those of us who care about the issue both pro or con.

In general, I don't believe there will be any change in the minds of any Animal Rights Activists, Vets, or any Governmental Authorities.... once they take a stance on the issue......

I believe there is a Biblical view of "authority" to stop pet euthanasia, as well as human euthanasia assisted suicide...

Any time we consider taking a life, even that of our own pets, let alone someone else's pets; we "demean" the lives of others, their rights... to their "intrinsic value" to live by God's word and die naturally, even with their pet's death to be naturally, at home, not by forced euthanasia of the law.

Euthanasia is "PAINTED" as painless and peaceful? ...In fact, a vast majority of executioners allegedly "fail" to pre-medicate the dog, pet or animal to relieve the animal of its "conscious" pain and stress of the upcoming euthanasia execution process.

Then the executioners allegedly "fail" to use proper butterfly intravenous line needles and devices for proper administration of the medication injections of the "death drug."

Instead the executioners allegedly take the "fast and cheap" way to kill (euthanize) your dogs, pets, and animals by sticking the syringe and "huge" needle directly into the dog or animal's heart, with no pain or stress relieving pre-medication (the dog is alert, afraid, feels and knows the pain and stress of what
is happening to them when they are 'stabbed' in the heart to die), as the executioner or assistant is holding the animal down while the "death drug" (a Poison) is stabbed into the heart.

Or commonly,(the) executioner uses the direct "cheap" method of allegedly administering the "death drug" by a syringe that is allegedly stuck directly into the animal's leg or elsewhere on the body or limbs in "attempt" to hit a proper vein to inject the "death drug" into the heart that way.

Thus the needle sticks, are causing major pain and distress to the pet in this syringe needle sticking process into the animal's limbs (if they even hit a proper vein at all).

More than one attempt to inject the "death drug" may well have to be done in this manner to kill the dog or pet because the executioner is unable to hit a proper vein to inject the drug (no death drug going directly into the heart via the veins and
the dog does not properly or quickly die, it suffers without death quickly or you get it)?

Why are not the pet owners always present for the euthanasiaprocess?

Why do you think the executioners DO NOT want the pet owner to witness the euthanasia, unless a substantial additional fee is charged? Because of what I just explained to you that allegedlyngoes on by executioners (vets. and animal shelters, etc.)to kill your pet or animal(listed above)...

As an Investigative Reporter and Animal Lover, I Say, "The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

END by Dean A. Ayers Lead Investigative Reporter National
Dog Press


So there you have it...euthanasia is not the simple and compassionate procedure that hype sells it to be. Dogs are living, sentient, loving and feeling beings.

That alone should be enough for a public outcry to curtail this practice. I am well aware of the overcrowding problem in dog I am of the same problem in crowded cities worldwide. Killing the inhabitants is NOT the answer

If you believe in an Almighty as I do, then here's some further food for thought from a man of the cloth.

Pope John Paul II: 'Animals Possess A Soul'

Pope John Paul II declared in a public audience in 1990 that "also the animals possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren".

He said, too, that they are the "fruit of the creative action of the Holy Spirit and merit respect," and are as near to God as men are."

The Pope went on to say that, "animals have the breath of life and were given it by God. In this respect, man created by the hand of God is identical with all living
creatures. ... The existence therefore of all living creatures depends on the living spirit/breath of God that not only creates but also sustains and renews the face of the earth."

It is the domain of God to detrmine when life end. Fido's soul is a creation of God and anyone who believes that when dogs pass they wait on the Rainbow Bridge understand this to be true.

What can You Do?

Spread the word.. most people have little or no understanding of what we just discussed

Get involved in No Kill activities

Support No Kill legislation

Volunteer at a rescue or pound helping place dogs for adoption

Discourage anyone from surrendering thei dog to a pound to find a new home. If that fails help place the dog with a rescue.

Every little bit helps...and if you have had a situation where you have had your dog euthanized, know that he is now in a better place and since dogs live in the moment he would not want you to feel bad.

Rather, your Fido would much prefer that you help dogs walking the earth today as he waits for you till you are reunited one day on that Rainbow Bridge.

That's all for today..spend some time with your best friend as I will with ours, and cherish every minute you have together.

If you agree with our view on this, wonderful.. if you think we are nuts that is your choice. I won't engage in please don't email me any tirades.. not on this topic.. it way too personal .. the information and views are for you
to ponder and make your own decisions. I have made mine, and am comfortable with my conclusions.

Just give it some thought.. and make the decision you feel best based on having as much information as possible.

That is all we ask. Be well


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