How to Stop Your Dog From Digging


Dogs dig for a variety of reasons. Once you understand why your dog is digging, you can easily stop this behavior.


Reasons Why Your Dog May be Digging


Dogs frequently dig as a form of recreation. If the backyard is his kingdom and he is alone, digging is one of the fun ways your dog may while away the hours until you return


Young dogs and puppies enjoy digging as well. What a way to use up all that energy youngsters are famous for !


Some dogs dig because it’s in their genes.”  Some breeds of dogs such as terriers are natural diggers….so when your terrier starts digging, he’s just continuing an inherited family trait.


Your dog may be digging because he is looking for a cool place on a hot summer day.


Your dog may be looking for a way to make a break for it.


Ok so it seems that your dog is digging because his parents did or he’s just a fireball of doggy energy.


What you want to know is how to stop your dog from digging.


Here’s a few ideas.


Make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise. I walk my dogs four times a day. If you don’t have time to walk your dog as much as I do, by all means walk him at least twice daily.


When you take your dog for a walk, make sure you spend at least thirty minutes on your walk. This is one of the high points of your dog’s day. He has a natural need for exercise . By providing him with the exercise he needs your dog will be healthier and tuckered out when you return.


As a result, digging won’t appeal to your dog as much as it did before. He’ll be more interested in a nap and some sedate playing until you return home.


Join a group training class with a professional dog trainer. There are many low cost dog training programs in your town that meet once or twice a week.


The dog trainer will help you socialize your dog and learn to obey basic commands. By teaching your dog a few commands you will be able to stop your dog from digging whenever he decides to kick up a little dirt.


Divert your dog‘s attention when he starts to dig with a toy or a game of fetch.. He may soon decide that running and fetching is a lot more fun than digging through a pile of dirt.


If your dog is a “genetic digger”, who digs because it’s a breed characteristic, there is a way to control this type of dog digging as well.



Provide an area of the backyard that your dog is allowed to dig in. Whenever he starts to dig, direct him to that area and let him have a dirt digging good time.


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If he starts to make a move toward another area of the yard to expand his digging territory, stop him immediately. The best way to do this is to give him a strong verbal command such as  “NO Digging!”.


Use the exact same phrase every time. Your dog does not understand English or any other language. But he will become accustomed to hearing the sounds of those words and the tone of your voice.


Never, under any condition strike or physically punish your dog. It's cruel, abusive, unlawful and will not achieve the results that this misguided reaction intends. Your dog will only have the undesired behavior reinforced and become fearful of you. Neither is helpful or healthy..


If your dog is just looking for a cool spot, why not provide him a shady area, with cool water and a gentle breeze. If it is too hot for you to be in the yard, it is too hot for your dog as well. Bring him indoors and let him relax in a cool place with plenty of fresh water and food.



Is your dog a world class digger? Does he misbehave in any other way such as barking or exhibit aggression toward dogs or people? Whatever the problem, help is at hand.  Find out how to easily solve any dog behavior issue at




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