Dogs Tell Us They're Sick

I was once  asked " How can you tell if your dog isn't feeling well since she can't tellyou?" I answered that  while our dogs can't speak they in fact can and do "tell us" when the feel sick... by their ACTIONS and SYMPTOMS that we can observe.

A recent article by Elliot Harvey, known to many as the pet healer, speaks to this point and I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Here it is-

"Unlike people, dogs have a pain tolerance level which is greater than humans; however, they cannot tell you what's wrong, so you need to be aware of these changes.
Disease can be described as any alteration of normal body function which can include - organ failure, infections, poisoning, broken bones, poor diet, allergies,  and more.
Some of the most common aspects of health problems include:
1. Changes in activity level - pain may be an issue. Limping,hesitation to move, refusal to either lie down or stand up, awkward movement, continuous circling, or general overall weakness.

2. Lethargy - your dog will refrain from daily activity, walk around in a daze and may lie around in different areas of your house and spend more time resting or sleeping.

3. Changes in Appetite:
-Decrease - could indicate tooth and gum problems which can be very painful causing a dog to stop eating.
-Food Boredom - needing a change to another flavor or product.
-Increased - could indicate:  seeking additional nutrients via eating more to help ward off illness (metabolic rate has increased), worms, proper nutrients lacking in the food, or thyroid condition.
4. Fever - normal temperature ranges for dogs is 100-102.5 degrees. A rise in fever can be attributed to the body trying to fight off an invader.

5. Vomiting - continuous vomiting can be caused by a major problem:

-The dog may be suffering from a toxic substance he has ingested (many dogs lick up the sweet taste of antifreeze causing this problem)
-Excessive gas or fluid within the stomach or intestine.
-Organ failure in the pancreas, liver or kidneys.
-Unfamiliar elements causing an obstruction.
-Enlarged abdomen.
-Drug reactions can cause vomiting.
-Fear. Make sure your dog receives water and electrolytes as
vomiting can cause a loss of these vital elements and cause
greater damage.
6. Diarrhea:
-May occur when changing from a commercial dog food to a
nutrient active dog food
-Eating table scraps or garbage
-Parvovirus type 2 or any other infections
-allergenic reaction to foods or treats ( especially those loaded with by-products, chemicals, artificial colorings, or chemically extracted fillers)
7. Obesity - did you know that potatoes have a higher glycemic index than table sugar and maybe a major reason for obesity in dogs. Many commercial foods use large amounts of potatoes in their diets. Commercial foods that do not breakdown efficiently in the system lead to weight gain. Obese dogs risk diabetes,
circulatory problems, and heart problems. These and lack of proper exercise can lead to overweight problems.

8.Urination - foul or discolored, increased frequency, blood in urine, straining to urinate, incontinence

9.Heart and Lungs - labored breathing (no exercise), blue or pale gums, excessive coughing, choking, refusal to do normal activity.

10.Eyes - yellowing, discharges of tears or fluid, failure to open eyes completely, discolorization in the white of eye, quick eye movements

11. Nose - dry, skin cracking, discharges" END Elliott Harvey-Pet Assure News

The point is to be an observant and caring dog guardian. By watching for tell tale signs, actions and symptoms that can alert you to when Fido isn't feeling his or her best, you will be ready to take care of any health malady.

Read, ask and learn from natural therapy healers like Elliott Harvey and your vet how to take care of your dog if you observe any of these conditions. Your dog will "say thank you" with a sloppy puppy kiss letting you know she feels better and is ready to resume her normal activities.

P.S.- For more information on how to "wholistically" care for your best friend's health for a long, healthy and happy life, according to Elliott Harvey's approach, utilizing natural therapies visit:

Disclosure:- if you purchase any product or service we recommend, assume we will be compensated. Do your own due diligence.

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