Dog Adoption Month

Dog Adoption Month

Dog Adoption Month is celebrated at different times of the year in the U.S. , UK and perhaps elsewhere. If you live in the U.S. it is typically celebrated in October, in the UK in September. More than a celebration, it is a cry for help for the millions of dogs and puppies worldwide who will have their lives snuffed out by a needle or in a gas chamber, UNLESS they find a loving home.

Learn why it is always a good month to adopt a dog and save a life by watching a few short videos showing how great the need is FOR YOU TO GET INVOLVED.

Dog Adoption Month in the UK has increased public awareness and helped many dogs and puppies find a loving home and avoid being killed in dog pounds, simply because there is no room for them.

In the U.S. the need for homes for dogs who are living in shelters encompasses every region and demographic background

Many pet stores support and hold dog adoption events during dog adoption month

In the U.S. even the World Wrestling Federation is speaking up for Dog Adoption…won’t you?

International move star, Peter Fonda, who adopted a dog of his own supports Adopt a Dog Month in the U.S.

Here’s a few things you can do to get the word out and help during dog adoption month and all year long, wherever you live

Visit local dog pounds and dog adoption events at local parks and pet stores. During dog adoption month ( October in the U.S.) many dog pounds offer discounts or waive fees entirely on dog adoptions

Visit fundraising events, and dog fairs. The money raised by many participants is used to help support homeless dogs

Donate blankets, dog sweaters, supplies, and money to local rescues, dog pounds, and adoption groups. If you have the time volunteer at a dog pound to help care for homeless dogs and puppies.

Finally, if you know someone who is ready for a dog…tell them about dog adoption month and if you have room in your heart and home for another best friend for life won’t you adopt a dog and save a life today?

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