DeSkunk Your Dog

When warm weather arrives the possibility of “unwanted” visitors whose calling card will be hard to forget is sure to follow…so it might be good to take a few notes on how to get rid of the smell and de-skunk your dog

Skunks, cute from afar but a problem for you and Fido and everyone who with an open nasal passage.

Should a skunk leave it’s mark with your dog, here’s some suggestions that may rescue the day from a webvet article that will help Fido smell fresh and clean again.

“6 Tips For Deskunking Your Pet

(Keep the following handy)

Dawn dishwashing liquid, or another grease-fighting formulation
(skunk spray is “very oily”); 3-percent hydrogen peroxide; baking
soda; pet shampoo; rubber or latex gloves; old clothes.

Keep trash containers tightly sealed; remove extra or fallen fruit
and seeds from trees and bird feeders regularly; scatter mothballs
at the edges of your property to deter skunks from approaching…
and keep a close eye on pets in the evenings.

……keep your pets’ vaccines updated, particularly the one for
rabies, which is fatal….

Check eyes and fur. If your pet got close enough to get tagged,
he/she may also have gotten bitten or scratched. Before commencing
the bath cycle, check your pet for bites or other wounds.

Also, make sure he/she didn’t get sprayed directly in the face;
you can rinse a pet’s eyes yourself, but if they’re very red or
discharging, see a vet as soon as possible.

Act fast. If…(Fido) is physically okay, get him sudsed up
pronto. Bathing a skunked pet is a hassle for everyone involved,
but the longer you wait to lather up, the harder it is to get
the smell out. ……

Here’s a three-step bathing process:
1) Start with Dawn or another de-greasing soap to break up the
oils and cut the stench a bit.

2) Mix an antidote – one quart peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda, 1 tsp
Dawn – and rub it into your pet’s fur, down to the skin. Use a
hand towel to wash your pet’s face, avoiding… eyes. (If the
eyes need washing, use cool water…)

Let mixture stand 5-15 minutes; rinse with fresh water. Note: do
not pre-mix the antidote; storing it in a covered container COULD
lead to it blowing up, so wait until you need it. Rinse your pet
off promptly so he doesn’t get blond highlights by mistake.

3)Wash again with pet shampoo.

Tomato juice is the most famous method, but many owners report
that it doesn’t zap the odor so much….the most effective anti
skunk-tail is the peroxide mixture above.

Whatever you use, finish up with pet shampoo to re-balance your
pet’s coat’s pH.

Towel-dry (your dog) thoroughly, and blow-dry him on medium..or..
turn him loose in a toasty room with lots of towels and let him
dry himself.” END

If you live in an area where skunks frequent, these tips may be helpful. If you have any concerns about using any product on your dog or the frequency that the rabies vaccine should be given to assure protection, please consult with a holistic vet.

There are differing views on this topic but you should have all the information available specific to the dangers that may result from a skunk bite to your dog. So consult with your vet, then you decide.

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