Dehydration in Dogs – Causes and Prevention

An important part of bonding, socializing and health maintenance it is also the potential cause of one of the most common and potentially dangerous conditions that can impact your dog’s health and survival.

The condition to which I refer is Dehydration. Caused not only by being outdoors and exercising it is a frequently seen in cases where dogs experience certain conditions or illnesses such as diarrhea or Parvo which cause a loss of water to the system.

As a concerned dog guardian, you should know how to spot the warning signs of dehydration and what to do if your dog has become dehydrated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not a vet but the following tips may help you detect if your dog has become dehydrated and how to prevent it. By all means, if your dog exhibits any symptom you should immediately call your veterinarian. Untreated, dehydration can be very serious and life-threatening. The life you save may be your best friend’s

How to test your dog for Dehydration

An easy test for dehydration is to pinch the skin between Fido’s shoulder blades to determine if it springs back in under five seconds. If it takes longer, your dog is dehydrated.
Examine Fido’s eyes to see if they appear eyes will be sunken into his head. If so, dehydration exists

Lift Fido’s lips so you can see his gums. Touch the gums with your finger and press. If the reddish color from the blood returning to the area is not evident in 2 seconds, Fido is probably dehydrated. If dehydrated, Fido’s gums may feel dry and tacky in lieu of wet and slippery..

Other symptoms of Dehydration in dogs may include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive drooling
  • Panting
  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dry nose

What you can do IF Fido becomes Dehydrated

Hydrate in a Flash

If your dog is seriously dehydrated it’s a good idea to get more electrolytes into his system FAST. Our favorite way to do this is by using Pedialyte, a liquid supplement used for small children..

We use a small syringe that we get at no cost from our local pharmacist and squirt some into the dogs mouth for quick rehydration. Use appx. 2 tablespoons per 10 lbs of weight every hour.Additionally, we add some to our dogs drinking water for maximum results.

Note: Generic Pedialyte may be available in your store, is less costly ass works just as well.

Another option :

Offer your dog a few ice cubes to lick and add a few to their drinking water. It’s not as fast as Pedialyte but can be helpful if Fido is responsive to licking the ice cubes.

Some dogs will readily lick ice cubes when they are dehydrated, even if they are reluctant to drink water. Float the ice in their water bowl.

How to Prevent Dehydration in Dogs

Fido gets much needed hydrating moisture from his drinking water AND his food. Make sure he has ample FRESH water and a balanced diet to prevent dehydration.

Always carry water with you and offer some to Fido regularly when the weather is hot outdoors or you are exercising. Stop and rest frequently in the shade.

While dehydration can generally be reversed quickly, if unchecked, untreated and severe, it can lead to your dog’s death.

So get outside today and take your best friend for a walk. Just remember to carry a bottle of water and a small cup . The drink of cool clean water you provide your dog may be life saving






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