Could Your Dog’s Meds Be Fatal?

In our continued mission to encourage every dog guardian to be well informed about every health care choice suggested by their veterinarian, today’s resource is one that we believe you should keep handy and use EVERY TIME your vet suggests a med.

This resource will allow you to look up the med, and see if there has been any reported adverse reactions to the use of it. The time to do this BEFORE a med is administered at home or during a procedure.

This means that if Fido is to have a vet performed procedure I would ask specifically what meds and drugs will be used. If the vet does not like your inquisitiveness, get another vet.

A vet who has your dog’s best interest at heart will appreciate your interest.

After the fact it may too late, as many of our readers will attest, having lost their precious best friends during a routine veterinary office procedure or surgery.

Here’s the Resource and some more information from the FDA website about the:

Cumulative Veterinary Adverse Drug Experience Reports

The FDA has posted the Cumulative Adverse Drug Experiences Summaries Report so that veterinarians and animal owners can have easy access to information about signs attributed to meds.

You can access the information and research a drug by visiting:

Search the active ingredient of a drug to see if adverse reactions have been reported with the drug’s use.

I added a shorcut to my desktop, and if ever my dogs are to be given a drug or med, you can bet your last nickel that I will visit this site.

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