Canine Anxiety Remedies

Whether home or on the road one of the challenges we have experienced is canine anxiety and how to deal with it, so pup and parent alike will enjoy a healthy and fun filled trip.

There are a variety of natural and holistic aids on the market, some better than others, but you have to be careful and understand the ingredients therein and any potential side effects.  The are natural non toxic herbal calmatives such as Pet-Eze which can be found at Petsmart and another product you can find online called SleepyTime Tonic…these are in the genre of lavender and other herbal mixes which soothe and calm your dog.

We have them both and they are somewhat helpful (Best and safest bet is to ask a holistic vet before trying any approach ).

If your dog ever experiences separation or other anxiety during car or other travel, vet visits, when guests arrive, over the 4th of July when fireworks abound, or other times, you should take a moment and read the following from a vet.

Your dog and your own peace of mind may all be happier if you do.

here it is…

“Natural Anxiety Relief

Noise Phobias, anxiety going to your Veterinarian, or your groomer are especially stressful

Yes, there are conventional options.

One of the pharmaceutical companies has come out with a nutraceutical found in

Green Tea- And it is working for many pets for anxiety. You can get the supplement yourself at most Health stores and many pharmacies.

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea.

Studies show that L-Theanine produces tranquilizing effects in the brain without drowsiness. It calms by helping to increase alpha-brain wave activity, the electrical brain activity commonly present when you are very relaxed. By diminishing feelings of stress, worry and anxiety, L-Theanine may help improve mental focus, learning, and concentration.

…..The dose is 50mg per 20lbs daily- and it can be given frequently (every 4 hours) during a stressful event.”END Dr A Jones DVM

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