Antibiotics in Your Dog’s Food ?

Antibiotics in Your Dog’s Food ?

If anyone still wonders why dogs are getting sicker and their
lifespans are in many cases becoming shorter, take a minute and
explore another dark side of canine nutrition with us today.

The Food Safety News reported recently that…
According to information released by the FDA, the Food and Drug
Administration, eighty percent of antibiotics sold in 2009 were
dedicated to use by livestock and poultry.

Most of these antibiotics were not intended to fight bacterial
infections, but rather “fed” in continuous low-dosages to increase
the speed of growth.

And that has many public health experts and scientists troubled.

No kidding…overuse of antibiotics can cause many health issues.

For one thing, bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics with
overexposure. Once afflicted with a bacteria resistant infection, the
patient, be it Fido or human, will need a class of super antibiotics
that will eradicate the infection.

Once these super antibiotics become ineffective you are out of luck.
I have seen this situation when I was visiting people in hospitals
and doctors told me about human patients afflicted with MRSA,
aka methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

This antibiotic-resistant infection afflicts dogs as well, causing
hard to treat wound and skin infections.

The reason-> It’s the misuse or overuse of antibiotics!

In most cases, healthy dogs should be able to fight off MRSA
staph infections. But some may not be so lucky.

Whether afflicted with MRSA or not, the big concern for our dogs
is excessive antibiotic build up, impacting their immune sytem, making
Fido potentially be incapable of fighting off infection and disease.

Many commercial dog foods include liver, poultry and livestock internal
organs that could hold higher levels of antibiotic residue.

YOUR dog could be eating antibiotics as part of his regular diet,
inviting the problems enumerated above as he digests the meds fed to
his protein source at the farm.

What can you do?

Read the label..we can’t say it enough. Make sure you know the source
of every ingredient. If there is a question as to whether the livestock
has been fed the manufacturer.

Get their response in writing… If you don’t get an answer that is
satisfactory then change brands and opt for a holistic kibble or make
your dog’s food at home.

It may be a hassle but your dog’s health and life might be at risk.







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