Annual Vaccines-Vet Speaks Out


The piece excerpted below was written by  Andrew Jones, DVM, after he received

a question on the same topic.

“This question was posed to me….

WHY do some Veterinarians give multiple vaccines yearly, WHILE
others are giving far FEWER vaccines (if any at all)

In fact ALL of the Veterinary Colleges are advising a limited
vaccine regimen with fewer vaccines given, and LESS often.

Here’s my take on it.

1. Habit. This is WHAT has always happened. You come to ‘The Vet’
for your shots. Your Vet gives you ‘The shots’

2. Vaccines do prevent certain diseases. Parvovirus is the most
important one. BUT 2 puppy doses at 8 and 12 weeks are protective,
likely for life. It does NOT need to be given every year, and
perhaps not again after the puppy series.

3. That friendly Drug Rep…Vaccines are BIG business to a few
select LARGE Drug Companies.

It’s in their interest to have you give MORE vaccines MORE often.

And those same companies have representatives who develop
relationships with Veterinarians.

And being human, it’s hard not to get influenced by it.

I mean it has happened to me..

4. Finances. I can relate my own personal experiences as a
Veterinary Practice Owner. Clients were ‘trained’ to come into the
clinic for the yearly vaccines. By NOT sending out yearly vaccine
reminders, I was concerned about lower client visits, and
ultimately being able to pay all the bills.

BUT this has NOT been my experience- In fact most clients are very
appreciative of me being honest and were more likely to accept
other health suggestions ( such as senior wellness tests)

Unfortunately, there are STILL those who are still CONVINCED that
they need to be sending clients yearly vaccine reminders OR their
practice income will drop.

In other words, it’s about the m*oney.

Ultimately it is YOUR decision.

NOT your Veterinarians.

Become informed.

Learn about the potential side effects, and the
newer and advised vaccine regimens.”
by Andrew Jones, DVM

Whew…sounds like the impetus to eliminate unnecessary vaccines is
gaining momentum. Concerned vets and dog guardians everywhere are
standing up for the well-being and health of dogs.

Whether by greed, habit or laziness the vets that hold on to
antiquated and potentially harmful practices are hearing from more
and more dog guardians.

The tide is slowly turning.. If you ever visit a vet who tries to
“sell you” on over vaccinating your best friend, stand up and be

It’s your dog, his life, and the well-being of all dogs visiting that
veterinary practice that are at stake.

Of course, Dr. Jones wrote what we believe and have written as well.

The choice is yours. But now you have the facts, and truth has the power to set us free.

The choice is yours. But now you have the facts, and truth has the power to set us free.

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