7 Must Haves When Bringing A New Dog Home


When the day comes that your family is bringing home a new dog, your mind will be filled with questions and anticipation.


The excitement of adopting and bringing home a dog that is a new member of your family is one that every dog parent has experienced and is one of the most invigorating experiences that you will ever have,.


The questions that you naturally will have will encompass everything from where the dog will sleep, what the dog will eat, who will have primary responsibility for walking the dog, taking her to the vet for checkups and  many more.


The best way to answer your questions on that special day is to already have the answers . In other words, you should go over a checklist of  dog care "must haves" before you pick up your new adopted dog. This will make the day more fun for you and less stressful for your new dog .


You’ll want to be fully prepared for your new dog’s first day at her new home, so get ready for her as you would any new family member.


7 Must Haves For Your New Dog


Bowl for food- you can buy a simple dog food bowl at any dog supply retailer, a designer model, or use a bowl that you no longer use at home. Your new dog won’t be fussy, so long as it is clean and in good condition, no chips or jagged edges –please !


Bowl for water- the same considerations apply as to with a dog food bowl. Remember to change her water daily and it keep it fresh and cool.


Dog food- This is an important decision. Your options run the gamut from commercial dog food in kibble or canned variety, to holistic kibble, raw dog food diets or a homemade dog food variety. Be sure to pick a dog food that is primarily meat, all natural, without fillers, by products and toxic additives. Before you pick any dog food make sure you understand what is in the dog food you are considering by visiting


What's really in your dog's food? See the Video and find out by CLICKING HERE


Bed for your dog- This can be a specially designed bed sold at retailers, some clean and soft blankets or in the case of a puppy you might opt for a crate with soft, clean towels


Doggy Treats- This is an area of concern just like dog food. Many dog food treats are made up primarily of fillers, artificial flavors and preservatives. They taste great but are at best junk food and potentially unhealthy for your dog. Read the label and see what the ingredients are. As in dog food, the first ingredients listed are the primary ingredient source. We use only dehydrated chicken and buffalo…no puppylicious pizza treats that sound like a treat but can be hazardous to your new dog’s health. Dog treats are handy as a reward in dog training. Get some healthy dog treats for your new dog, then start her education and training at home by visiting


Crate- When you are bringing home a new dog you should remember that your dog has just left a  dog rescue, dog shelter or other living environment. She has been bouncing from one kennel to another. Now she is coming to yet another new  kennel. It will take her little while to realize that this new “kennel” is her permanent home. A crate may give your new dog a sense of security, a place that is all her own. Many dogs have a natural  “cave” instinct developed in the wild 10,000 years ago. Provide her with her own safe and secure spot. This will help here adjust quickly and is also a help in housetraining if needed. Dogs will not “do their duty” where they sleep. So if you use a crate at night after a trip outside and take her outside first thing in the morning, your new dog will soon learn that “outside is the place “ to do her business.


Doggy Toys- Make sure that there are no parts that can easily be chewed off and get lodged in your dog’s throat. Your new dog will have more fun fetching an old ball in the yard with you than showing of an expensive toy that was manufactured to appeal to dog parents. Dogs are not “designer” conscious.


By properly preparing for the day when you are finally bringing your new dog home, your family and your new dog will get started on the path to a long and happy relationship full of fun and companionship for many years to follow.


My small 8 year old dog suddenly became ill and no vet could determine the cause. Her life expectancy was 25 years. Don’t let anything happen to your new best friend. Learn how to keep your new dog healthy, extend her life and save on veterinary bills at

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